H E L L 0 I ‘ M J O A N D S O P L E A S E D T O M E E T Y O U

For me photography is seeing something beautiful in everyday life, a moment, a feeling or a thought, a means of conveying emotion. I find faces and expressions so interesting, it’s how we communicate even if we don’t speak the same language. I love photography for so many reasons and one reason is its ability to celebrate authentic moments. 

Welcome I'm Jo at Iris & Ivy Photography, I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, shooting weddings all over the UK, Europe and beyond. I live with my wonderful Graphic Designer Husband and lovely young daughter, oh and not forgetting my two kitty cats! My family are my everything and my why. This is when you begin to realise how valuable your time and memories are together. Don’t loose them, preserve them.

So this is me, the face behind the camera with long wavy hair. I too hate having my photo taken, don’t worry I feel your pain. You can count on me to make your photo experience relaxed and enjoyable, no cheesy or awkward posing, just natural fun and pain free.

I started shooting weddings and portraits in 2012 and my love for the job has grown enormously. It is such an honour to capture people's love stories and makes me feel happy inside. I don't know any other job that is as rewarding as this, I feel extremely lucky to call myself a full time professional wedding & portrait photographer.


T H I N G S I L O V E :

  • Coffee, Chocolate and Cats'. You’ll find me in a coffee shop somewhere shaking from the caffeine and sugar overload talking to a stranger about my cats.

  • Humans! I love to be sociable meeting others humans, sober ones or drunk ones I’m not fussy, helps tons in this job!

  • Oh my god food! All food from anywhere apart from McDonalds yuk!

  • Travel junkie/holiday queen, seriously any chance I get ahem…. #destinationweddings please! I love discovering new places and experiencing different cultures, absolutely fascinates the pants off me. Bali, Italy and Hong Kong are my favourites!

  • I love watching films, constantly wondering how did they make this instead of paying attention to the plot. My Hubby tends to gets annoyed with me. I’m totally addicted to

    Game of Thrones and good old Friends, well whose not!

  • And last but not least, I damn well love my job and making people cry (in a good way) with creating long lasting happy memories for people in love, or people who are related and not in love.



I would love nothing more than to capture your wedding day and preserve your memorable moments. Photo's of loved our ones are of life long value. I like to keep things simple, my approach consists of photographing people in their natural element. With a modern and romantic style I like to tell peoples stories in an informal and honest fashion. I take in the finer details too, I understand the time and effort that goes into the preparation for your day.
Often the smaller details can be forgotten all too quickly.  

Inspired by films, I strive to get that cinematic feel in my images, like stills from a movie. Relaxed and discreet, I'm not going to fake moments for the camera or distract you or your guests from your day. Your day is about you not me. I believe that natural interaction between people in love will create beautiful moments. I will simply step back and visually communicate what your day brings. Every wedding is beautifully unique and this is why I love weddings, love photography and ultimately I love my job.

I am based in the West Midlands and more than willing to travel wherever your wedding maybe in the UK or abroad if you are having a destination wedding. Travel is a massive passion of mine, to combine it with wedding photography keeps me dreaming so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're going abroad!