Long time no speak!

Gosh it's been two years since my last blog post, and a busy two years it has been. I will update you shortly but for now I just wanted to pop back on here and say a long over due hello! Also this is me as you may have already guest, just a little phone selfie (excuse the quality) I took whilst on a shoot in a beautiful lavender field. I also hate having my photo taken, ironic for a photographer, so you won't see many of me but I am trying to break that habit. I promise to keep you all up to dated with more posts on wedding and what I am getting up to. Keep an eye out! 

Ciao for now


Hello May!

I draw a lot of inspiration from the month of May, the month where nature comes to life by flowing in luscious full bloom. While at it's most creative, vibrant and prettiest, I purposely set a some of my styled shoots for this aesthetically pleasing time of year.  As nature provides us with a beautifully blessed backdrop I try to think of ways to incorporate this within my photography.  Soft, floral and feminine are the key roots to my work, so here are a few images I took whilst appreciating nature's beauty. 

Parisian Chic

Blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine and bright blue skies, the Parisian Chic shoot took place on 7th March 2016 at Hotel Du Vin Birmingham co-ordinated by Diva Weddings Fayres.  I've often walked past Hotel Du Vin when I worked in the city centre of Birmingham but never stepped foot inside. I knew it was a gorgeous boutique hotel but I never realised exactly how gorgeous it really is. This chic boutique hotel was once a Victorian eye hospital and still stands as a beautiful landmark building in the heart of the city centre.

A few months back Sophie from Diva Wedding Fayres approached me about doing a promotional photoshoot at Hotel Du Vin ahead of their wedding fayre on 10th April 2016. Not to turn down such an opportunity I came on board along with various other suppliers who also contributed their talents to the shoot.  I would like to say a big thank you to all everyone involved - firstly to Sophie & Jacqui from Diva Weddings Fayres and Zara from Hotel Du Vin for organising the shoot, Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine our talented hair stylist from Hair By Tabitha, cake by Have Some Cake, dresses from Adele Louise Bridal, suits from Bill Child Formal Wear, venue dressed by Eli Venue Dressing and last but not least a huge thanks to our lovely models Kirsty and Matt who did a fantastic job of playing the bride and groom!  It was a super fun day and great to work with amazing suppliers whose contact details can be found at the end of this post, so please do check them all out!

Hair stylist - Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine - www.hairbytabitha.com

Dresses provided by - Adele Louise Bridal Ltd - www.adelelouisebridal.co.uk

Suit provided by - Bill Child Formal Wear - www.billchildformalwear.co.uk

Cake provided by - Have Some Cake - www.havesomecake.co.uk

Venue dressing provided by - Eli Venue Dressing Ltd  -www.elivenuedressing.vpweb.co.uk

Hotel Du Vin Birmingham - www.hotelduvin.com/locations/birmingham/

Diva Wedding Fayres - www.divaweddingfayres.com

3 years and counting...

3 years ago today I said yes to the man I've been in love with since our uni days 12 years ago! Still feels like yesterday when we met in our halls dodging our lectures and getting up to no good. Look at us now all grown up! Happy 3rd anniversary to us, love you more than life Jamie.

Photography by Ebony & Pearl

Before the Angels came

Today we should have been celebrating your 63rd birthday, instead I'm writting you this.

To the Dad who took me to all my dance classes every week from 5-15 years old. Who took me to all my music lessons every Thursday night.

To the Dad who put me through University... twice and wasn't annoyed when I quit... twice.

To the Dad who became my personal taxi service day & night and who helped me pass my driving test first time.  

To the Dad who encouraged me to go travel the world. 

To the Dad who walked me down the isle. 

To the Dad who did his best to give me everything.

To the Dad who has left a huge hole in my heart that will never close, like a wound that will never heal. 

You don't know how much you were loved. I miss you each and every day. You deserved a happier end. I sorry I didn't help you more.

To the Dad who went without saying goodbye.

Bali & beyond

For me Bali is my heaven on earth, a natural paradise laced with beauitful culture. Having travelled most of Asia I can say I have found my favourite spot. This being my second visit to the island and on both occasions it has had a lasting impression on me and left me craving more. I feel there is so much to be explored and that I have only touched the surface of this gem of an island. I feel strongly connected to Bali and I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because of the Balinese people and their gracious nature and charm. The Balinese are mostly Hindu, bringing a gentle vibe to the island and a religious contrast to a Muslim Indonesia. Enrich with their culture and heritage there are over a thousand temples which have a heavy influence on the architecture throughout the island. Or maybe it is due to it's unique landscape of mountains and volcano's, or tropical rainforests and lagoon beaches. What ever it maybe I bloody love this place!

I'm not sure where to begin with my Bali adventure but I first came to the island in October 2012 for a family wedding. I instantly fell in love with the place and knew it wasn't going to be my only visit. We combined our Bali trip with the trek on Mt Rinjani on the neighbouring island of Lombok (previous blog post). We were lucky enough to visit some spectacular sights from diving the Liberty Shipwreak and Coral Gardens in Amed, the peaceful and tranquility of Ubud and the cheeky Monkey Forest, to the trendy yet tasteful Seminyak, and the famous Rock Bar and Finns beach.


Hasifs Family

After we finished messing around up a volcano for 4 days Hasif took us to meet his family as promised. This is his mother, sister and nephew. His parents ran a family owned food shop in the small village of Senaru near to Mount Rinjani. It was a very small shop more of a shack but they seemed to have a lot of custom. They sold fruit and vegetables from the front of the store and cooked local cuisine that tasted amazing although very very spicy, enough to make our eyes water! They were extermely welcoming towards us and provided us with large quantities of food that we did our best to manage given the high level of spiciness. I'm sure they found that quite entertaining, western fools!