Bali & beyond

For me Bali is my heaven on earth, a natural paradise laced with beauitful culture. Having travelled most of Asia I can say I have found my favourite spot. This being my second visit to the island and on both occasions it has had a lasting impression on me and left me craving more. I feel there is so much to be explored and that I have only touched the surface of this gem of an island. I feel strongly connected to Bali and I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because of the Balinese people and their gracious nature and charm. The Balinese are mostly Hindu, bringing a gentle vibe to the island and a religious contrast to a Muslim Indonesia. Enrich with their culture and heritage there are over a thousand temples which have a heavy influence on the architecture throughout the island. Or maybe it is due to it's unique landscape of mountains and volcano's, or tropical rainforests and lagoon beaches. What ever it maybe I bloody love this place!

I'm not sure where to begin with my Bali adventure but I first came to the island in October 2012 for a family wedding. I instantly fell in love with the place and knew it wasn't going to be my only visit. We combined our Bali trip with the trek on Mt Rinjani on the neighbouring island of Lombok (previous blog post). We were lucky enough to visit some spectacular sights from diving the Liberty Shipwreak and Coral Gardens in Amed, the peaceful and tranquility of Ubud and the cheeky Monkey Forest, to the trendy yet tasteful Seminyak, and the famous Rock Bar and Finns beach.