Before the Angels came

Today we should have been celebrating your 63rd birthday, instead I'm writting you this.

To the Dad who took me to all my dance classes every week from 5-15 years old. Who took me to all my music lessons every Thursday night.

To the Dad who put me through University... twice and wasn't annoyed when I quit... twice.

To the Dad who became my personal taxi service day & night and who helped me pass my driving test first time.  

To the Dad who encouraged me to go travel the world. 

To the Dad who walked me down the isle. 

To the Dad who did his best to give me everything.

To the Dad who has left a huge hole in my heart that will never close, like a wound that will never heal. 

You don't know how much you were loved. I miss you each and every day. You deserved a happier end. I sorry I didn't help you more.

To the Dad who went without saying goodbye.